LBP: 6 Cool Things

Thinking of Sackboys, huh?  Well, here’s six things you might not know about LBP that might just brighten up your lunch hour.

Adding Text To Your Levels


Everyone knows that Media Molecule want you to use your PlayStation Eye to add your own specific content into your levels, so how do you create blocks of text?  Well, there are alphabetical stickers you can use, but these will be cumbersome for larger works, so what’s the alternative?  Obviously, you can write onto a bit of paper with a marker and photograph that with the Eye, but SCE have hinted that there are a number of ways you can get new stickers in the game which might be helpful in creating text and that we can expect to hear more about those soon.  Note that you will be able to enter plain text via the ‘magic mouth’ pop-ups, ie. for objectives, mission rules etc.

The Thermometer

The in-game thermometer is a gauge of how many items you can place in your levels, but if you’re worried about it filling up too quickly note that you’re not tied to using the same size levels all the time, and the size of the level dictates the size of the thermometer, see?  Want to create mini-games?  Use the smaller levels, and get more space for your objects.

Stickers On Your Sackboy

Worried that you’ll have to re-create your Sackboy each time once you’ve plastered him with Stickers?  Don’t be, as your creations are saved for future plays.  Interestingly, there’s the opportunity to attack other players when in multiplayer with your own Stickers, but there’s an option through the Popit window to wash your Sackboy’s outfit clean of anything you didn’t put on there yourself.


If all the hype around LBP hasn’t convinced you to get your pre-order in already, you might be wondering about a playable demo to push you over the edge.  Well, unfortunately this isn’t going to happen before the game is released, but it’s potentially possible after the game has hit the shelves.  According to SCE, this is because the game is simply too big to adequately portray via a demo, and there technically isn’t time to produce multiple demos to get across the various aspects of the game properly.

Still Exclusive To PS3?

Of course.  SCE have iterated that the game will only appear on the PS3, and in Europe at least will be on Blu-ray.  There’s no PC version and nothing planned (as far as we know) for the PSP.

Future Plans

Once the game is out that doesn’t mean that Media Molecule are going to sit back and drink tea on a small island for the rest of their lives.  Whilst there won’t be YouTube support in the game at launch, according to SCE, support for LittleBigPlanet is planned “well beyond its original release” and that most of the additional features will come about as a result of “feedback players have given or suggestions raised”.  This really is your game and it’s clear that the developers and SCE are 100% behind making sure we all get the most of out it.

We recommend keeping an eye on the official EU PlayStation LBP forums for information on this game, as they now have a very active SCE member in amongst the community answering your questions and providing us with details like the above.