Leipzig: Hopes?

Ah, fanboys.  When ThreeSpeech asked what we’d like to see at Leipzig, little did they know they’d get such constructive responses as “David Reeves’ head on a pike”, “An apology!” and (our favourite) “for the c***ts who work on Europe PSN to be dragged on the stage and given a good kicking then fired!”

Seriously guys, WTF?  We suggest, as loyal TSA readers, that you head over there and add some constructive comments, you know, perhaps about games you’d actually like to see and more information on the games you love.  We’re thinking a Wipeout HD release date, LittleBigPlanet pre-order news, PlayTV and perhaps Heavy Rain.

But sure, if you want people dead then the semi-official blog’s the right place to shout about it.  And for the record, Michael will sadly not be appearing nude on stage, so don’t even ask.