Girl With A Stick

Seen someone playing ‘Girl With A Stick’ today on your PSN Friends list?  It’s the Resistance 2 Beta, which is now open for those lucky enough to get an invite.

Developer J Stevenson told the NeoGAF members “as some of you might’ve heard, a lucky few recently received our version of a golden ticket: entry into the Resistance 2 private beta. So what’s the purpose of a private beta? Simply put, it helps the development team get some important gameplay feedback (i.e. find out what people like, dislike, and then tune what’s necessary) so we can make R2 the best shooter possible before its release. That’s our sole focus. ”


“If you didn’t get an invite…well, buck up, buttercup—we’ve still got the R2 public beta that begins later this fall. And in the meantime, feel free to check out the beginnings of our new Resistance hub at While it’s very much a work-in-progress (not to mention lacking the social networking features that’ll be ready by R2’s launch), the site is a major step up in terms of looks and navigation.”

So, to find out whether you’re in, check the beta site above.  Thanks to Peace Mountain for the heads up.