Leipzig 2008 – The List

You might have read other lists recently guessing what SCEE will be showing off at Leipzig next week: well, here’s the motherload.  From various tips, we’ve built up what we reckon Sony will be demonstrating – some of this is behind closed doors stuff, and other stuff will be free for the public to see.

Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty will be shown, alonside MotorStorm Pacific Rift and Infamous.  It’s unclear as to whether these will be public or not, but we’d assume R&C will be at the very least, alongside a recent build of Motorstorm.  You can also expect to see more of DC Universe Online.

Heavy Rain will be making an appearance, but we’re hoping that despite the game only showing to select press, there won’t be any NDAs or embargoes – we’ll be hearing much more on Heavy Rain directly after the event with any luck.  Killzone 2 will be playable on the floor in single player mode, but we’re hoping for a multiplayer hands-on too.

Current darling LittleBigPlanet will be there in full effect, naturally, and will be playable by all.  We’re also expecting similar treatment for Resistance 2.  If you’re going looking for new stuff to get your hands on, look out for Flower too, and whatever new SingStar they’re working on.

In an interesting twist, the German ratings board has to approve any trailers that will be shown at the event, so this means that a quick search for GC-Demo or GC-Trailer has revealed that there will be a shitload of new movies and games at the show.  In terms of playable demos, here’s the list:

Bionic Commando
Mirror’s Edge
Alone in the Dark PS3
Star Wars – The Force Unleashed

And in terms of new trailers, keep an eye out for:

DC Universe Online
Far Cry 2
Free Realms
MK vs DC
Need for Speed Undercover
The Agency
A Codemasters Trailer
An Activision Trailer
Call of Duty World at War
Dark Void
Street Fighter 4
Just Cause 2
Loco Roco 2 (PSP)
Prince of Persia
Siren: Blood Curse
WipEout HD
Midnight Club Los Angeles

Of course, there could well be more than this, but as a taster we reckon that’s one hell of a list of games to keep an eye out for.  Of course, mark all this as rumours because things change, but if you’re heading to Germany to see the biggest games that PS3 has to offer in the coming months, you’ll 99% be able to spend time with the likes of LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm 2 and Resistance 2, and if you manage to play Killzone 2 and Ratchet, then yeah, job done.

Let us know if you’re going via the contact page and we’ll hopefully catch up for a pint.

Via NeoGAF.