Leipzig’s List Of 12

Hopes were high yesterday for Reeves and crew to delivery the message that SCEE are in charge and confident, and the promised ’12’ blockbuster announcements would be the key to the presentation.  But what were they?

1. The PSP will see another upgrade, to the PSP-3000 model.  Better screen, built-in microphone and a few other minor tweaks.

2. The 160GB PS3 will hit shelves on the last day of October for €449, and will come with €70 worth of pre-loaded PSN goodies.

3. VidZone, the poorly named but refreshingly free of charge music video streaming service.  Goes live early next year.

4. The partnership with SOE to publish and distribute three new massive multiplayer online games.

5. New firmware will allow SingStar fans to play tracks from their PS2 SingStar disks.

6. SingStar Disney will launch on PS2 targetting younger players.

7. SingStar Volume III will feature party favourites, and will include the likes of Michael Jackson for the first time in the SingStar series.  There’ll also be downloadable song packs, the first two from Queen.

8. EyePet.  Developed by the SingStar team, EyePet uses the PlayStation Eye to create a cute little monkey-type thing that you can interact with in a similar fashion to the monsters in Eye of Judgement, only not as lame.  EyePet is apparently fully aware of the room and highly interactive.

9. Heavy Rain – the evolution of PlayStation.  Heavy Rain is essentially a real-time movie that you have control over (in a much more limited fashion than we’d have hoped) but offers stunning visuals and is one that SCEE will be pushing like crazy next year.

Which kinda makes 9.  So we’re pushing for the rest…

10. LittleBigPlanet will support Trophies.  I assume that’s what all that crap was at the end of the presentation.

11. The keyboard thing that attaches to the Dual Shock 3 – this is pretty cool, yeah.

12. PlayTV for the 19th of September, although we already told you that last week.

How do you think it went?  Did we miss anything?  Was there anything you were expecting that you didn’t hear about – Home release date, perhaps?