LBP: Multi User Logons

PAX is too far away for your humble TSA clan – we think it’s on Mars, or somewhere, but thankfully there’s a few brave souls willing to risk the zero-atmosphere environment just to get a hands-on with LittleBigPlanet.

Following on from the revelation that there will apparently be a Disney tie-in at some point, it’s now been revealed that when playing with friends locally each gamer will be able to sign into their own PSN account simultaneously, and can even all collect their own individual Trophies at the same time.


Sure, we’ve seen this before on countless 360 games, but we think this is the first PS3 game to offer this functionality, normally you’re just a replica of the main PSN account, as per Warhawk. To celebrate, here’s some more LBP awesomeness from PAX:

Intro sequence:

Tank demonstration:

Skateboard race:

Anyone that still thinks this isn’t going to be massive?  See me in my office.