Liverpool And Konami

Well, I’m miffed.  Konami, I’m looking at you.  I’ve just read the most horrendous press release that was one letter short of being more blasphemous than taking the Lord’s name in vain, in Church, during Mass, while swigging non-blessed Whiskey from the baptismal fount.  I’ll give you the headline, you work out the rest:

Kop That! PES 2009 and Liverpool FC unite

So, PES 2009 and LFC are as one.  So much so, that it’s to be the ‘Official Football Video Game of LFC’.  Joy.

Liverpool’s Commercial Director, Ian Ayre, gave the most telling quote, “PES has long been the game of choice for a large number of the Liverpool squad…”

It’s no wonder the team has been as fluid as lumpy custard if they all play PES.  Watching those robotic animations, mis-controls, SUPER-BLOODY-CANCELS, I’m not at all surprised the team is scrobbing last-minute victories or celebrating an away point at the more-average-than-a-360 Aston Villa.


My beloved LFC should be playing SWOS:  ping-ping-ping-GOAL, ping-ping-ping-GOAL!

Damn you, Konami.