One Life Left Returns

After (approximately) 12 years absence, the world’s best gaming podcast (sorry Michael) has returned: One Life Left is back.  Well, they were back on Monday, but this post was sat in draft for ages and we forgot about it.  Besides, it’s now Friday so it’s something nice to listen to at lunch.

If you’re yet to point your iTunes and subscribe, you’ve missed out on some brilliantly British gaming humour over the past years, and the cutting (and often legally dodgy) comments make us wince just as much as laugh.  Plus, they mentioned our site once, so we’re like their biggest fans.  Apart from that fat bloke.

“News. Music. Reviews. Five features. Three overexcited presenters. Gossip and rumour, salacious implication, momentary regret, six shrugged shoulders and quickly on to something different,” says the site on it’s latest episode.  How could you resist?