iPlayer On Its Way?

If you need to catch up the past weeks programming there are better places to do it than on a computer in the spare room or on a laptop screen.

Nintendo Wii owners in the UK have been able to enjoy the BBC iPlayer for some time, and ElectricPig are reporting that the Wii iPlayer is to receive further updates, finally allowing a full screen option.

Anthony Rose, head of BBC future media & technology also talks about the PS3:

…confirmed that a PS3 iPlayer was still in the works, barring some niggling issues with the console’s software: “the PS3 uses a slightly older version of Flash which doesn’t support some of the features used in our media player, and the very promising Flash 9 update now available on PS3 has some compatibility issues. Our Flash developers are working on it – stay tuned for updates.”

It was originally thought that the introduction of Flash 9 in FW 2.50 would open up the possibilities of the official iPlayer on the PS3, which it didn’t, but now it appears clear that the PS3’s implementation of Flash 9 isn’t straight forward.

After all if Nintendo’s toy can support it, then Sony’s powerhouse media hub shouldn’t have a problem, but until they do get around to making it work officially, you can point your PS3 browser at www.ps3iplayer.com to get all your iPlay goodness, just don’t mention Strictly Come Dancing.