Sunday Thoughts: 27/10/08

Well, last week’s blog was an interesting one, with plenty of comments and quite a few emails through, many of which were concerned that we were closing up shop and starting an Xbox site, based solely on the fact that I’d splashed out on a shiny white 360 last weekend.  It’s a little less straightforward than just wanting to play Gears of War 2, mind: quite a few publishers would rather send us 360 disks of final games as opposed to the more expensive Blu-rays for starters, but yeah, I’d personally missed out on some cracking Xbox Live Arcade titles like Rez and Duke Nukem and this week’s Portal: Still Alive will never see the light of day on the PS3.  If you want to play all the games, you need to buy all the consoles.

So, rest assured, we’re still 100% behind the PS3 here at TSA, and this week has been much better for the PlayStation brand, not least because of all the free publicity from last week’s LittleBigPlanet delay – never before has a game had prime-time slots on the news, well, not since Insomniac defiled the name of God by putting Manchester Cathedral in Resistance: Fall of Man, anyway.  But yeah, things were good this week: Prince of Persia runs better on the PS3, there were some nice new games ‘announced’ by EA, a great Store Update and we break the internet with our exclusive announcement.  Sadly, the PS3’s still selling like shit in Japan but then if you’re only getting a few Japanese-centric games out a year, what do you expect?

It’s not all about the latest news here on TSA.  We’re a friendly, vibrant and open (but not necessarily gay) community, with lots to get involved in as our team blog about their personal opinions daily and don’t just recycle rumours and press releases like most other sites.  Our forum’s quite lovely, and our readers have a mutual respect for each other – it’s a shame they constantly take the piss out of the guys that actually run the site, but that’s all part of the fun.   Setting up an account takes about 10 seconds and your username then automatically doubles up as your forum nick as well, so you don’t need to register twice.  We’ll soon be running competitions for the weekly top members, so now’s the time to join in.

Who knows what next week will bring?  Well, we do, but apart from GTA IV getting Trophies tomorrow, we’re not allowed to say.  Enjoy your Sundays, guys…