Burnout Ultimate Box

Still not bought the brilliant Burnout Paradise?  Well, if you were waiting for an excuse, now’s the time to get your pennies ready: EA have just announced Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, a special edition release that includes the award-winning Burnout Paradise game plus the previously-released Cagney and Bikes content updates, and the brand new Burnout™ Paradise Party content.

Burnout Paradise Party is the offline multiplayer mode designed to allow up to eight friends to “pass-the-pad” in dozens of Burnout challenges that we told you about last week. For players that already own Burnout Paradise, Burnout Paradise Party will be sold separately as downloadable content.


“Whether you’re an experienced player or a gaming novice, Burnout Paradise is a game that anyone can enjoy,” says Pete Lake, Senior Producer at Criterion Games. “With The Ultimate Box, we aimed to deliver the most fun, high quality and high value experience possible to players both online and in the living room.”  The Ultimate Box will launch early next year.