LBP DLC Revealed

A thread on the Australian PlayStation forums has revealed what we’ll be able to download today from the PSN Store for our Sackboys.  Cleverly, it appears that they’re also time-limiting certain costumes, presumably in order to make them seem more exclusive to those with the cash.

The first is a slightly tardy Halloween (pumpkin) mask, which is free and available for one week.  The second is the spacesuit we’ve seen before, again, free, but this time for two weeks.


Thirdly, a MotorStorm costume, which will cost money (it’s classed as Premium) but will be available forever, and fourthly is the ‘RARE’ Week 1 Shirt for your Sackboy, which will apparently cost a fortune.  We’ve only got Australian Dollar prices, but the standard costumes are AU$1.75, the Premiums AU$3.45 and the RARE ones: AU$8.45.

What are your thoughts on this?