TSA Forum FTW!

We’re an opinionated bunch here at TSA. We’re friendly too. If only there was somewhere we could be sociable and air our opinions…

Wait, there is!

Visit the TSA Forums to hear what our readers (and writers) think about the wonderful world of Playstation 3. Or anything at all really, people discuss all sorts of weird crap there. Not all of it makes sense, most of it is funny and every last word is friendly and entertaining.


Some of my favourite topics at the minute:

Pixl1983 marks the PS3’s birthday.

CaptainMurdo starts an interesting discussion aimed at getting the most lag-free experience online.

Andytorr starts us talking about our alltime favourite games.

Infa-Mouse got a new TV, everyone else shows off their set-up. Mine’s too dusty to photograph…

Then of course you have the details of our LBP create competition and the fantastic Bargains thread.

So, if you like your forums to be friendly, informative, helpful and entertaining and you don’t mind a bit of good-natured insulting and possibly inappropriate joke-making then TSA Forums are the place for you.

Did anyone else notice that almost all forum threads descend into madness within about ten posts?