Eye On The Casual Market

There is a great interview  on Gamesindustry.biz with Eye Toy devs Mark Parry and the fantastically named Sandy Spangler (really, I couldn’t make that up).

They talk about how popular the Eye Toy was/is and how they are progressing with the PS3-equivalent PSEye. It’s all very positive stuff that made me feel a bit more cheerful about the future for Sony.


Sorry, let’s take a moment to revel in that awesome name again: Sandy Spangler. Sometimes the universe throws you a bone you know, something to cheer up your day. I think Sandy might keep me chirpy all week.

They also have a dig at Nintendo and Microsoft which is always nice to hear. No matter how great any of the consoles are it’ll always be funny to hear professionals badmouth each other’s projects.

No quotes for the lazy this time; the whole interview really is worth reading.

Incidentally, I’m writing this at 4am with a burning fever so forgive the awful pun in the headline…