Indies Getting It Tough

I’m not great with finance so bear with me…

EUK went into administration yesterday which means they owe more than they can get their hands on and will now be dismantled and sold off for parts to pay back some of their debts.


EUK used to supply ASDA (and some other people) with DVDs, CDs and games. They will obviously no longer be doing this so the companies they supplied will now have to find another source for their stock.

ASDA have announced that they will be duying direct from suppliers in order to minimise the effect this whole shitstorm will have on their customers.

Independents are saying that the bulk-buying power and ability to use video games as loss-leaders of big supermarkets means that they will now be able to sell games cheaper than the indies can buy from their own supplier.

The upshot of this is (I think) ASDA might be super cheap for games this Xmas. Indies will all go out of business and the supermarkets will have a monopoly by next Xmas, games will be whatever they want to charge you for them because you can’t get them anywhere else. Oh, and they’ll only sell top ten titles.

Remember the way the supermarkets put all the independent bookshops out of business a few years ago? Well, like that but with games.

So, this story was a little short on the funny wasn’t it? I’ll try to counter-balance that with a joke:

What type of biscuits can fly?

Plain ones.

They should do that on the News at Ten.