Sony AC Charger Announced

Sony announced yesterday that they are releasing another new addition to their peripherals line up, a Sony branded AC charger. It can charge just about any PlayStation 3 peripheral including the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller, SIXAXIS wireless controller, Bluetooth Headset and the new Wireless Keypad and it can even charge a PSP. You will be able to charge all of these peripherals without having to turn on your ps3 or even be connected to your ps3.


You may ask what the difference is from this Sony AC charger to the other ones already on the market, well, Sony have this to say: “Unlike the PS3 controller charging stations that are available in the market, we wanted to come out with an accessory enabling PS3 users to not only charge their controllers, but also other accessories, such as the new official Bluetooth Headset and Wireless Keypad.” The charger will be available in the second week of December for 24.99 USD (or £17.99, we think). Will you be picking one of these chargers up, or are you fine with the traditional PS3 based method of charging?