Compo: Win A Keypad


It took a long time to judge the entries, but my beautiful assistant and I finally picked our favourite five and ultimately the winner.  Congratulations to Legroom, whose HomeBase is the winning entry.  It made us laugh the most and was a wonderfully observed commentary on the state of British DIY!  Please email michael [at] thesixthaxis [dot] com to claim your prize – remember you must email me from the same address you used when registering on the site.

The other four that made our list are: oMega-W’s Homestead, FudgeSticks’ LittleBigExtension, rothbury’s Home Economics, and nineself’s Homeopathy.


There were a number of other entries that we thought were great too, so again a big thanks to everyone that took the time to enter.  Some of the entries were just too damn big and clever for us to understand, while one painted a fantastic picture we really liked.

Update 09/12/2008

The competition is now closed and the entries are being judged.  I’d like to thank everyone that entered; I think you’ve given all TSA readers a good laugh over the last few days.  It’s a shame there can be only one winner, because so many of the entries were fantastic.  It’s going to be tough to judge, but the result will be posted here later this evening.

Original Story

With the Home beta opening up more and more it was timely of Sony to release their spiffy new keypad add-on for the SixAxis. Because at TSA we are also spiffy we’ve got one of the keypads up for grabs in our new competition.  A-ha!  But how can you win it?  Well, we all know Home is the best thing ever in social networking online video game chat hookups, right?  Right.  But if you were building a Home extension, what would you build?

An example: “Home Gazebo – an outdoor space designed for parties and, when raining, stabbings.”

The funnier the better.  The entries will be judged by one of our resident comedians, and the winner will receive one of those spiffy new keypads.  To enter, simply add your entry to the comments below.  We need the name of the Home extension and a description of it.  You are only allowed one entry, so if you try to enter more than once I will take your first post as the entry.

The competition is open now and the closing date is midnight on 08/12/2008, next Monday.  The competition is only open to registered members of the site who are residents of the UK, because in these credit crunch times TSA can’t afford postage to anywhere else.  Editors decision is final.  No cash alternative.  TSA Staff are not eligible to enter.