Home Out Now

We’ve just been told that Home will open at midday today.  The latest patch, taking the software to 1.03 is now being pushed to existing beta users, with the open beta beginning very, very soon.  Still a rumour just now, but we’ll update as we go along.  Stay tuned!

Update: It now looks like it’s “early PM”, so hopefully not too far away.  In other news, we can confirm that the Home icon will simply magically appear on your XMB once it’s ready for download, you won’t need to download anything from the Store itself.  If your PS3 is on when the Home update is pushed out, you’ll need to restart your console – we’ll let you know when to do so, though.

Update 2: Still waiting, huh?  The last official word we got was at just after 3pm, with “still testing” being the official line.  We have heard that the Far Cry 2 and Uncharted spaces won’t be available today for us Europeans, they’re still testing those.  Also, if you were looking forward to the Diesel content, the Ligne Roset stuff and the Red Bull areas and races are also down for next week.  So, er, the open beta will be precisely the same as the closed one, at least for a week.

Update 3: It’s out! Enjoy.