SCEE Jobs Safe, For Now.

Recent news of Sony’s 8,000 job cuts may not effect Europe after all  according to SCEE president David Reeves in an interview with Dutch television channel RTL.

Several days ago there were reports that Sony Europe had said that the Playstation business was not immune to the planned redundancies but the in the interview David Reeves gives assurances that staff are safe.


“We’re certainly not planning to cut back in personnel at all. Half of our personnel are in the development of the games, that’s an investment. We’re not scaling down at all,”

“To my knowledge, no one is cutting back on the R&D side of the projects we’re working on now. Sony live and die on the innovative projects they bring out.

“In our division we’re still continuing to develop the products which we put in our mid-range plan six months ago, one year ago.”