Games Huge Business! Duh.

MCVUK are reporting some figures for the entertainment industries that show gaming has clearly pushed music and movies out of the way on its charge for entertainment-domination. Or something, Michael’s excellent blog post has got me all fired up…

I know most of you are lazy sods so I’ll insert some quotage down below.

Games were highlighted as the fastest-growing sector, showing a 17 per cent rise to 82.8 million units sold, led largely by the Wii’s strong performance.

I will admit to having just bought a Wii but it’s for my mrs and this youtube video convinced me.

The ERA is confident that all three entertainment markets will see growth in 2009, despite the ongoing recession.
The group’s director-general Kim Bayley said: “I don’t see any reason why consumer demand will alter, although growth my flatten out. Entertainment has always done well in downturns.”

So there you go, with the entertainment industries making that much money in a year when the economy all but gave up and took its ball home it must make the board at Zavvi feel even more stupid.