Sony CES 2009 Round-up

Nobody expected megaton announcements, we were never going to see Trico, or GT5, or Jak, or, well, anything spectacular.  CES is an electronics show, so naturally Sony were quite happy to talk numbers and stats, and throw in the odd bit of Home news to mix things up.  

First up is the new EA Sports Home Space that DJH kindly covered for us earlier tonight, which shows another third-party is keen to get behind the currently rather barren but still ambitious project that’s hoping to cash in (literally) on the 17 million PSN accounts that Sony are claiming tonight, with 2.1 million of those signing up in the last month.  The figures from CES suggest Sony have sold $1 million worth of Home goods, a discussion we’ll save for another post, methinks.


Other important partners for Sony include MTV, who will be adding their own stuff to PSN, and of course Sony were more than happy to shout loudly about the sales success of LittleBigPlanet, which has now shipped 1.3 million copies Worldwide.  Clearly not the major hitter we all hoped it would be, but impressive figures none-the-less and with word of mouth spreading on the game, we’re sure it’ll be a slow burner and will continue to sell throughout 2009.  Apparently 300,000 levels have been made, with a total playing time of 2 years.  

Anything else?  Well, Life With PlayStation will get an update this Spring, although it’s not clear what that will entail.  And that’s pretty much it: everything else was about phones, 3D movies and Blu-ray.  Roll on E3, then.