PSN Kung Fu Impressions

Gamespot have been to CES (my tickets must’ve got lost in the post) and had a poke around the Sony booths.

I found this little write-up they did about Rag Doll Kung Fu which was a fun (if a little hectic and weird) game first made in 2005 by one fine gent named Mark Healey who went on to form some tiny little development company called Media Molecule. I know, I’ve never heard of them either but he can console himself and his lack of success with this new company with the fact that the game he made all those years ago (well, 3 and a half years ago) is getting remade, revamped, reinvigorated and generally spruced up for digital distribution on our very own Playstation Store. So that’ll be nice for him.

Some of the most interesting points, for those of us who knew the original, focus around the control mechanisms which will be simple, easy to learn but most likely incredibly hard to make look good. Apparently the game will make use of the SixAxis functionality to allow special powers and such:


By moving the controller in one direction or another, you can add chi force to your strikes, resulting in extra damage. You can also bring up a shield that will temporarily protect you from damage or, if you flip the controller completely upside down, regain health by floating your character into the air and meditating.

Which sounds pretty awesome to me.

There will also be customizable parts to your characters and unlockable new heads and stuff. New appearances for the main character in a game, maybe Mark Healey should try to get his new company to do something like that, it might bring him some more success.

Anyway, it’ll feature four player multiplayer online and offline so fill your couch and prepare to slap the snot out of each other around a bowl of wilting Doritos and some warm Guacamole.

There are some videos, footage from the original here and the trailer for the updated version here. Go look.