Dress Released

We’ve not really covered Dress that much since the middle of last year, because, well, nobody really knew much about it.  However, that can now all change, because it’s out for download from the Japanese store, priced at 2000 Yen.  Dress lets you, er, dress your avatar in the comfort of a slickly written piece of software instead of fumbling about the shitty Home Shopping Mall interface.  The clothes are lovely, being modelled on real life fashion rather than the abysmal ‘trends’ that SCEE think people want to ‘wear’ as they wander about Home Square, and come from the likes of Puma and Beams.  You can also build up your own designs using graphics from various SCE games, like The Last Guy and Ape Escape.

Bizarrely, the link between Dress and Home is broken.  We’re not sure why this isn’t integrated within Home, but it’s not. You can see a YouTube hands-on here.