Firmware v2.60 Announced (Update)

Having just watched the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States, with what I felt was a very powerful speech, Sony have released the news of the next system update in its wake.

The PS3 firmware update (v2.60) is designed primarily to enhance the system’s media capabilities. The new features though include a suite of tools for you digital photo collection, as an application fittingly names The Photo Gallery. It will need to be installed separately from the XMB after you update. Guest access to the PlayStation Store and DivX 3.11 support will also be added.


Whilst it may be a very small feature, weighing in at 100 MB (and it’s an optional download), having watched the video, it looks very nice indeed and may persuade me to put my photos onto my PS3.

For more information and a video on what The Photo Gallery can do just ask Linky McLink.

Update: The firmware will go live on January 21st, which is tomorrow, very soon indeed.