LBP DLC Starts Next Week

The download content for Little Big Planet was meant to start again tomorrow, but it’s now been put back a week, we’ve been told.  The first downloads, to arrive on the 26th of January, will be Chinese New Year costumes, available for 10 days.  Following that, on the 29th (the regular Thursday update) will be a God of War mini pack (some stickers), the Kratos costume (yup) and a Groundhog Day costume, presumably for the Americans.


A Valentine’s pack will arrive the week after and be available for two weeks, enough time to make your partner a cute little LBP level full of hearts and bunnies, and then the following Thursday will bring an Ape Escape costume and the Toro one from the Japanese store last year.  Most interesting is the Wipeout Costume Kit, above, available on the 19th of February.  More at the forums.