Resi 5 & SF IV Coming Home


More details are now available on Capcom’s planed Home space.


Capcom first announced they were developing a space in Home at the Tokyo Game Show towards the end of last year, Japanese gamer mag Famitsu now spills the beans on the Resident Evil 5 Home space and the Street Fighter IV content.

The RE5 Home space will immediately look familiar to anyone who has downloaded the demo which appeared on the PlayStation Store yesterday. there is also good news that Resi 5 will also support game launching from within Home and the giving of special items through Home Reward support.

SFIV Home support will come in the form of costumes and items, hopefully the items will be easier to stand up than the origami dog last seen on the Clubhouse floor. More good news though is that the game will support Game Launching with a post game patch.

Well they say a picture speaks a thousand words so I’ll shut up and you can chalk this down as a 9,000 word article.