Leaving It A Little Late Lads?


Having announced that EAs crime sequel would hit our shelves this month, The Godfather II will now arrive sometime during the companies 2010 fiscal year. EA CEO John Riccitiello explained that the reason for the delay “was to generate more excitement about the title, and exercise the company’s new focus on longer lead marketing.”


Riccitiello added; “To be honest with you, we looked at the title, title feels very solid It will appeal to its audience well and it was likely to ship, as we had originally planned it, into a very cluttered, price reduced excess inventory channel both in North America and Europe in a heavy competitive environment. We didn’t think it would get its best shot at success in [fiscal] Q4.”

Whilst the 27th was a curious release date to begin with, it seems very strange to decide to delay the game at such a late stage. It’s almost like they the call a while ago.