Play H.A.W.X. Early


Following on from our previous post, where we saw that a H.A.W.X. demo was coming to the PSN soon, and that the screenies showed the game certainly looked pretty amazing, is the news that Ubi UK have launched a competition for a few lucky people to “to get their hands on a near final build of Tom Clancy’s HAWX. In addition to trying the game on Xbox360 and Playstation 3 they will also have the opportunity to play the game on a top-end PC with triple monitors, IR Track head-tracking hardware and a Thrustmaster Cougar hands-on throttle and stick”


To be in with a shout of window you have to answer (in a PM to the Ubi forum manager)

Q. Tom Clancy’s HAWX features a selection of real world aircraft including the F-22 Raptor, what is the F-22 Raptors wingspan?”

To enter just go to Ubi’s H.A.W.X. forums for the usual small print, but if your heard the words 44′ 6″ you didn’t hear them from TSA, right! *taps nose a few times and points, in a secretive way*

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