Killzone Phobia


I have a problem. They say the first step is admitting it.

I’ve been looking forward to Killzone 2 for months now, my excitement has been building and I’m almost ready to burst.


So now the demo has landed, I’ve downloaded it, installed it, I even started it up and looked at the first few screens of gamma setup and difficulty selection.This brings me to my problem: I can’t bring myself to play it.

I’ve tried. Twice since my first go at playing it I have returned to the icon on my XMB and lingered over it like an indecisive child in a sweet shop.

You might think this is stupid, irrational and pathetic. You’d be right. I totally understand that it is only a game and even if it isn’t very good there will be another one along soon enough to take my mind off things. I even know that it is getting great reviews and is much loved by a few people who’s opinion I trust who have had a copy for review purposes or were in on the Beta. It doesn’t help.

The problem is, I’m scared. I have never been this excited about a game before in my whole life as a gamer. What if it lets me down? What if it’s good, great even but it just doesn’t live up to my personal expectations? I will be crushed.

Don’t worry, loyal readers, I will force myself to play this demo even if it means the destruction of my faith in gaming.

Maybe tomorrow.