New Game Mode For Fifa

EA have today announced that a new game mode called ‘Ultimate Team’ which will be appearing in Fifa ’09 from March 19th.


“FIFA 09 Ultimate Team challenges you to collect 30 different types of bronze, silver and gold virtual cards, including Player, Staff, Contract, Formations, and Tactics, to create your perfect fantasy team. Strategically collect and manage players and different types of cards, and then set the match strategy to win. Carefully select or trade for the right Manager, then choose the best Tactics and Formations that forge a team chemistry necessary to take your club to the top. Plus, deal Gameplay cards on your opponent at key moments of any match for a tactical advantage.”

You will be able to experience Ultimate Team with a set of starter players and cards and enjoy a 5 game trial before deciding to purchase the game mode in full.

News also out from EA today reports that 141 million games of Fifa have been played online (PS3 + 360) averaging 1.25 million games daily, making Fifa ’09 their most popular online sports title.

Screenies below and video here.


[EA Sports Football World]