Crysis Coming To PS3?

A while ago we brought you news that Crytek had acquired the remnants of Free Radical, the immediate good news was that 43 jobs had been saved, and we immediately got our hopes up that Timesplitters 4 or a new Battlefront might see the light of day.  But do Crytek have other plans?

Talking to GamesIndustry today, Crytek have confirmed that the newly named Crytek UK will be bought up to full production capability in anticipation of a new full blown project starting very soon.  Although Crytek say they were always planning to enter the console market, this new acquisition will accelerate those plans, bringing together Free Radical’s track record for console development and the  CryENGINE 2.

Whether this new project is the PC-busting Crysis or not remains to be seen, but in the mean time it won’t hurt to have gander at these gorgeous screens.