Blockbuster Bust?

The economy is funny thing, actually no it’s not, it’s pretty tragic.
Unless you work in a business which makes stupid decisions like giving money to people who can’t give it back, you may find the business you work for is facing all sorts of financial pressures.

Reuters are reporting in the US that Blockbuster’s share price plummeted 76% yesterday, leading to trading in the shares being suspended as Blockbuster seek bankruptcy advice.


Blockbuster which has over 700 stores in the UK, has been under pressure in recent years to adapt to the new world of digital downloads, mail back rental services like LoveFilm and obviously the dreaded evil curse of piracy, as half the world would sooner buy a DVD off a bloke at work for a few quid than would rent one for the same price.

Whats this got to do with gaming in the UK? Well obviously Blockbuster sell & rent games & Blu-ray movies, they’ve also had some pretty good trade-in deals, if these difficult times are to count Blockbuster amongst its victims then there will be even less competition on the UK high street.

Following the collapse of companies like Woolworths & Zavvi and increasing amounts of independents going to the wall, the high street is going to be a pretty barren place to get a good deal on gaming & Blu-rays in the future.

As HMV and GAME are pretty much a duopoly on the high street, will less competition make our favourite hobby more expensive in the future?