PSN Store Update: 05/03/09

Well it’s that time of the week again, you can now stop hitting the f5 key and rejoice in all that this weeks update has to offer, all in all quite a good week, especially when you take in to account the update Home received earlier.



PS3 Games

Wanted: Weapons of Fate demo [Free] WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania demo [Free]

Watchmen demo [Free] Watchmen full game [£12.99] Both released yesterday, but repeated in case you missed it


PSP Games

No Gravity: The Plague Of Mind [£8.99]


Game Add-Ons

Prince of Persia Epilogue [£7.99]

Burnout Toy Collection (Packs 1 & 2) [£7.99 or £1.59 each] Toy Car Collection 1 [£3.99] Hunter’s Cavalry & Manhattan, Jansen P12 & Krieger WTR
Toy Car Collection 2 [£3.99] Hunter’s Takedown, 4X4 & Citizen, Carson GT Concept & Inferno Van
Toy Nakamura Firehawk [£2.39] 

Street Fighter Femme Fatale pack [£3.19] Lumines Supernova classics [£3.19] Skate 2: Throwback pack [Free] High Velocity Bowling Bruce & Carmen Packs [£0.79 ea] Naruto Storm pack 8 [Free]



Texas Flood album [£7.49 or £0.99 individually]


Media (All free)

Metal Gear Online: Scene trailer
F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin trailer
Crash Commando Assualt wallpaper
Crash Commando Maps theme
LocoRoco 2 Colour theme