SquEnix and Eidos set the date

As we reported last month, Square Enix have secured the rights to acquire UK publisher Eidos.

They have now set the date for the takeover of Eidos by the end of May says MVC.


When I got my first PlayStation I bought two games. Broken Sword 2 and Tomb Raider 2, both fantastic games. Back in the day, Eidos was a publisher to look out for. They had the 3rd person action adventure genre down with hits like the Legacy of Kain, Hitman and Miss Croft under their umbrella, all spawning multiple sequels and making them a huge bundle of cash.

Lord knows what they did with that money because because after the poor sales and bad press of Lara’s Underworld they’ve been a a bit down in the dumps. One bad move and in steps Square Enix. Has it really come to this? I guess  you’re only as good as your last release.

Economics is a tough thing to get your head around, even more so in this turbulent climate, and with bail outs and stimulated packages flying all over the place it’s hard to keep up with who’s consuming who. With a back catalog of titles and franchises like these it’s common sense not to let the Eidos brand slip into oblivion. Regardless of Square Enix’s experience in these genres, they certainly have the clout to keep the most beloved IPs  afloat.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to see Lara casting Blizzaga on some tigers?