inFamous Dated

If you have a diary or  a calendar you might want to get it out now, turn the page to June and there you go, that’s it. inFamous will be hitting the shelves worldwide then. “When?” you say, well, sometime during June, not an exact date I know, but if my finances then are the same as they are now, then the three month warning is much appreciated.

I keep getting these nagging voices in the back of my head, sometime they say “did I leave the iron on”, or “put that axe down” but recently they’ve been saying “will there be a demo?” and an even bigger voice booms back: “Yes, yes there will be a demo.” In other good news Sony have also released an image of the box art, notice the ‘Only On PlayStation’ at the top and smile to yourself, presumably this is for the US, but it gives us a good idea of what we can expect from Cole McGrath, Sucker Punch & Sony in June.


Via US PS Blog. 

Tip: Lorcan, Hodgi92.