Disney’s Burnout Beater?

For me it seemed ages ago that Disney’s Black Rock Studios teased us with a very short and slightly blurry trailer of a new unnamed title. Well the title has a name – Split/Second, and intriguingly a longer teaser trailer.

Intriguing, because the gameplay hinted at, seems give more than a respectful nod in the direction of titles like Burnout Paradise & GRID but with added explosions. They originaly promised us more details on March 11th, but like Christmas, March 11th seems to arrive sooner and sooner with each passing year.


This new footage seems to show you controlling destructable environments, being able to bring things like cranes and bridges, crashing down on your rivals, blowing up gas stations etc… wiping them out in the process, missing your vehicle by a mere split second, do you see what they’ve done there?  Everything seems to take place under the glare of TV cameras, Running Man style.

For now, the web address for the game splitsecondvideogame.com simply redirects to Disney’s homepage, but if this new footage is anything to go by it’s well worth keeping an eye on.

Want to see for yourself? well feast your eyes on this, hit the HQ button to view in glorious high quality.