SingStar Challenge

Can you sing?  Do you want to compete against others that can?  Well, we’ve had an email in from Katy who runs, a budding community for those of us with the SingStar mics taped to our wrists.  The site is essentially a customisable leaderboard, but it’s also a place where SingStar players can chat and compete with each other. There are pages to compare scores with your friends, a War Room where you can select opponents and songs and are told the score of friends who have scores higher than you, you can track your SingStar song collection and the site holds regular contests.

We’re told future features will include trophy support, live online play and integration with SingStar Online to allow users to browse user videos and get notified when their friends upload videos right on the site.  There is also a dashboard which notifies players when their friends beat them on songs, update their SingStar song collections and can send each other messages. The profile pages have a Facebook-style wall and show each player’s favourite, most played songs and those they scored highest on. The song pages let you access YouTube videos for every song featured in SingStar on the fly.


So, seems like heaven for SingStar fans.  If you’re more of a Killzone 2 person the pink might scare you away, but if you like nothing more than belting out Queen songs of a Friday night, head on over to instead.  Well, not instead of here, but instead of somewhere else.