Age Of Booty Gets Trophies

I never picked up Age of Booty, and thus had no idea there were problems with the game, but it appears that whatever issues there were have now been fixed.  A few of you emailed in to say that you’d got an email from PlayStation regarding the game, saying “some consumers experienced issues with the Trial and upgrading to the Full version of this title. We identified the problems and are pleased to confirm that a patch is now available to rectify these issues.”

If you want the patch, simply start the game.  You’ll need to be connected to the PlayStation Network, mind, which the email fails to mention, but once you have you should be good to go.  The updated game now supports Trophies, too, which I’ll update on our Trophy List as soon as possible.  “Sony Computer Entertainment would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these issues,” the email concludes.  Did you have any problems with Age of Booty?


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