Resi 5 Sells Loads

Capcom’s latest survival horror racism-em-up action shooter is selling like union jacks to the BNP. Apparently. I found the strikethrough button and I can use it and walk at the same time. Check me out.

They reckon they’ve shipped four million copies. That means they’ve sent four million copies to retail outlets which presumably means there are about three and a half million copies in the store rooms of retail stores across the globe with a further half a million about to hit the pre-owned shelves.


All joking aside, I think it’s an awful game but there are many that love it so well done Capcom. Shifting that many copies of such a sub-standard franchise-straining, incomplete-for-the-sake-of-DLC cash-in is good going.

What, you didn’t really think all joking was aside did you?