New FPS/Film/Comic Backlight

We’ve had games of movies. We’ve had movies of games. We’ve even had games of movies of games. Somehow they rarely seem to work. Often its a case of trying to squeeze gameplay elements from a plot, sometimes there just isn’t a good enough plot to make a film. Whatever the case, most game/movie tie-ins have failed to capture the spirit of either media successfully.

Backlight Concept Art

Backlight Concept Art


In an interview with Variety, Zombie Studios (the guys behind America’s Army and the forthcoming Saw game), Fox Atomic and Union Entertainment discuss how they are looking to approach the whole shebang from a different angle with Backlight. Backlight is a near future military FPS with squad mechanics. Looking for a unified release the companies are working together to produce the trinity of film, game and comic all relating and intertwining with each other. We’ve seen similar efforts of this scale, such as the Matrix saga, but never before have all three been conceptualized from the start together.

More often than not, a game taking it’s cues from a movie is likely to start just fifteen months before expected release. As most of us know, that just isn’t long enough to make a capable game let alone live up to the movie. That’s why Zombie co-CEO and Backlight creator Mark Long thinks this will work.

“The holy grail for a developer is to be at the point of origin. If you are, you can begin to have a dialogue about all kinds of things. We not only share the creation of the story, but share resources.”

The release seems to be a fair way off but it’s good to see companies acknowledging the need for change where game/film conversions are concerned. This has been a big problem for too long in the industry and, whilst people are becoming wise to it, it’s long overdue for a shake up. I recommend you head on over to Variety for the rest of the interview.

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