Dark Void Teaser

Now that Resi 5’s (half) out the door Capcom can concentrate on the rest of the year’s releases, starting with Dark Void.

You know, the shooter? No, you’re thinking of Dark Sector. The flying one. No that’s the Batman movie. Ok, the one with jetpacks? Yes, Void. The Dark one.


Airtight Studios (the guys that did the Xbox ‘plane-em-up’ Crimson Skies) have been hard at work on a shooter with a difference. That difference is the jetpack. It seems the buzz word for now is ‘vertical’ and this has it slapped all over it. We first heard about Dark Void waaaaay back in 2007 and after a nice long feature in Edge’s 200th issue it struts onto the scene with new website and a sexy little teaser.

Enjoy, be teased.

Via 4thegeeknu.com