Land Of The Rising Sales

The phone lines are closed and the votes have been counted, and we can now reveal… that Sony is doing rather well in Japan. The recent trend of Wii sales slipping and the PSP & PS3 leading the pack has continued for another week as Sony pull off another strong weeks sales.

Last week the PS3 sold more than the Wii & 360 combined, is it time for Microsoft to now admit that their tactics of practically giving the console away, and investing in several high profile games designed specifically for the Japanese market, has failed as it only resulted in temporary blips near the top of the sales charts.


PlayStation Portable- 45,000
Nintendo DSi – 34,000
PlayStation 3 – 28,000
Nintendo Wii – 19,000
Nintendo DS Lite- 9,500
Xbox 360 – 7,400
PlayStation 2 – 5,200

Good to see the recent trends are holding up and that the PS3 is doing so well in what according to the IMF is the only economy in the developed world doing worse than the UK. Go Gordon Brown & his Japanese equivalent!

Sony must be asking themselves is the rumoured price cut even needed?