SCEE Still Hinting At Home

“Not much [sic] changes this week but you’ll be getting a few new things next week,” says Huntson, Community Team Leader on the Official forums.  “The recently introduced glitch in Home Square is bing worked on and we hope to introduce an updated physics engine in the next patch to deal with problems like this.  In the meantime please do not annoy others with your discoveries!”

“Those of you using the glitch to disrupt the games tables will be dealt with,” he continues.  ” A suspension from PSN is natures way of telling you you’ve gone too far.”  It’s not, not really, but stern warning indeed.


We don’t know what the glitch is, and we don’t care, but it seems that the Home fanbase is getting increasingly frustrated at these promises of content.  “We are not pleased,” says GodsGift1888.  “Its Simple, I want to give you my money, but for some reason (lies) you’re making it impossible for me to do this on Home,” says another member, with another commenting that he’s “not happy about no new stuff again at all.”

Our advice?  Seriously, do something else.

Tip: StefHutch20