Talk Amongst Thieves

You’ve got to love our newest staff writer, Pixl1983, haven’t you? Just as I’m starting to lose the will to live, staring at a computer screen wishing I had some minor distraction my email inbox pings and it’s a quick note from him punting a story my way. Distraction found!

So here it is, a quick story to point you in the direction of another gaming website. Most other websites wouldn’t do this. Directing readers to a competing website would usually be madness but not this time.


You see, faithful TSA-ers, here at the Towers we love our readers and we like them to get all the most interesting news. We don’t often get big interviews with top project leads and we rarely get screenshots dropped on our doorstep. We hunt for this stuff where other websites merely shop for it.

In the course of our hunting we sometimes stumble across a tasty treat prepared by one of those sites that doesn’t have to try so hard (but should really be trying just a little bit harder). Rather than insult your intelligence and copy and paste the content I’ll just tell you where it is, you go read it, look at the lovely screens and then come back to TSA for your uncluttered, mature discussions about it, mmmkay?

IGN interview Richard Lemarchand of Naughty Dog.

Now don’t forget to come back and comment or Nofi will probably send me all sorts of abusive emails for directing traffic away from his site to a, frankly, inferior establishment.