Ninja Gaiden 2 PS3 Screens

We revealed a couple of days ago that the previously Only On Xbox game Ninja Gaiden 2 was indeed coming to the PS3, and there was much applause, albeit muted and polite applause. But there were no screenshots of the game floating around, or that’s what you thought.

Yes, because now the quiet clapping of hands can become riotous screaming and whooping, the likes of which we’ve only experienced in an American cinema (seriously guys, why do you do that?). If you want screens, head on over to Famitsu and their ridiculously unfriendly URLs.

Don’t expect to ever see the in-game action from those angles, though – the camera is terrible, to be sure, but it’s not so terrible that you’ll spend 50% of your time staring at Ryo’s tabi boots.  Also, it’s been a while since we heard any Bronski Beat here at TSA Towers, so crank up your ghetto blaster and have a load of this.


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