GoW III Co-op Confirmed?

If you’re a game developer, and you want to go for a conference, then this week’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco may well be a good place to head. Everyone is going to be there including the 3 big manufacturers: Sony, Nintendo & Microsoft, and a whole host of developers and publishers from Activision to Zynga Game Network and everyone inbetween. Even SCEE are getting in on the act, so let us hope they’re not late.

The itinery for the GDC is available online, and God Of War developers, Sony Santa Monica, are holding 3 lectures throughout the week:

  • Practical SPU usage on God of War III – Wednesday 4pm (11pm UK)
  • Self Limiting Rigging Methodology used GoWIII – Thursday 1.30pm (8.30pm UK)
  • Drop-In COOP for Open World Games – Friday 9am (4pm UK)

Now obviously everyone’s got their eyes on the Self Limiting Rigging Methodology lecture, but I wonder what Sony Santa Monica know about drop-in co-op? A quick look through their back catalogue reveals they’ve only prinicipally been responsible for the God Of War series, how could they know enough about drop-in co-op to give a lecture on it to other game developers if they’ve not been working on it for a forthcoming title they’re working on, eh?  It was almost a couple of months ago that we shared the rumours that GoWIII will feature online play, and the rumours around the Internet haven’t stopped since then; this lecture, then, could be the proof of online co-op coming to God Of War.