PS3 Dev Kits Cheap As Chips

Back in 2007 if you wanted to play PS3 games you needed a nice lump of cash. There’s the console, the games and then the TV. All in all it’s a pretty expensive hobby. If you wanted to make PS3 games though, you needed close to a barrel load of notes just to get started.

Until now the PS3 devkits were going for $10,000 a pop. That’s a whole lot of moolah. In an ingenious move to make PS3 games development more enticing to studios, Sony have drastically reduced the cost with a new model (the DECR-1400A Debugging Reference Tool) retailing at just over £1,500! Maybe that was the price cut we’ve been hearing rumours about! I kid, I kid!


This new model comes with advanced features for development including the new tools and the new version of the PhyreEngine thingy we reported last night. This should all make development on the PS3 much easier than before and is clearly aimed at third-party devs that still see the console as some sort of untameable beast.

You see, it’s all starting to come together. Sony are starting to really invade Microsoft’s personal space and not by buying everyone off either, but by giving them the tools they need. That’s the Sony I knew. Now, about those bandwidth charges…