Games Saving Retail

Here on TSA we’ve repeatedly told you how successful the UK games industry is. We’ve overtaken Japan to become the second biggest games market in the world, it’s fair to say that the inudustry is doing quite well here.

So it’s hardly a surprise to us that MCV are reporting that the UK games retail industry is “saving the High Street”.  With a 21.1% rise in sales in 2008 and an annual revenue of £2.1 billion it is clearly going strong.


Perhaps instead of cutting VAT by 2.5% (saving you 25p per £10 spent – who cares?) the government should invest some money in tax breaks for development studios to get more product to market? Some people might even suggest that investing in a successful industry would be a far more sensible economic decision than throwing handfuls of cash and moneylenders.

So, to the UK games retailers from all your friends at TSA, well done, keep up the good work! Now, is there any chance of a job?