God Of War III “Has No Physics”

Got your heart set on some wonderous physics and a solid framerate for God of War III?  Well, the developers say you’ll be disappointed.  In a speech about GOW III’s technology at GDC earlier, SCE Santa Monica developers Jim Tilander and Vassily Fillipov said that the game won’t be locked at 60fps (as was the case with the PS2 versions) and might even drop as low as 30fps in “intense” scenes.

More revealing, though was in response to a question from the audience about cloth physics, where  Tilander revealed that GOW III doesn’t actually do any physics processing.  “I guess you might be surprised to hear this, but God of War III doesn’t have physics,” said Tilander. “So does that answer your question?”  We presume this is Shacknews interpreting the answer as the game not having any physics, but hopefully the developers only meant cloth physics.


Via Shacknews