SCEE Release Wrong Titan Pack?

I don’t know, you spend all morning gathering the day’s EU Store Update, and there’s still issues over at SCEE when the damned thing is released.  If it’s not the naughty Resistance 2 patch, it’s reports that the Titan Pack for Unreal Tournament III is the wrong one.

We can’t confirm at the moment, namely because the only one of us with UT III (me) has the US version and not the PAL version, but if you’re all Titan’d up let us know so we can debunk this one and get on with our day.  Similar reports here and here would suggest that somebody, somewhere, has indeed uploaded the wrong version.

Poor Epic, they just can’t catch a break with this at all, can they?

Oh, and a note to the lovely chaps at it’s thesixthaxis.  Not thesixaxis.